B4A Class [B4X] [Class] TextCrumbs v1 (BreadCrumbs using CharSequence)

This class helps you create a simple Clickable Text Based Bread Crumbs Feature which supports CharSequence too.

Usage is very simple.
Create a list which has individual items to be shown as bread crumbs. This can be text / charSequence or mix of both.
Initialize TextCrumbs and pass this list and a label where the crumbs are to be displayed.
Everytime you change the list, call refresh method.

Note: By default the label will be horizontally scrollable but somehow charsequence spans do not allow for dragging, so only way a person can scroll it is using separators. To make it easier for user, place your label in a HorizontalScrollView or any other way you like. Source Code is attached.


Version: 1
  • TextCrumbs
    • Events:
      • _Clicked (Position As Int)
    • Fields:
      • ClickColor As Int
      • underline As Boolean
    • Functions:
      • Initialize (Callback As Object, EventName As String, mList As List, mlabel As B4XView, separator As Object)
        mList: the list holding bread crumbs
        mLabel: Label to show the bread crumbs in
        Separator: any char /symbol to use as separator like ">" (charsequence accepted)
      • Refresh
        Refresh after changes to list
    • Properties:
      • Width As Int [read only]



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