1. A

    Android Question Breakpoints issue

    I opened my project - it's Default B4A project. I see that one of the activity has 2 breakpoints. I removed them by clicking Remove All breakpoints in Edit menu. I see that they are gone. Then I closed the IDE, started it again and opened the same project. All breakpointys are still there. Then...
  2. amorosik

    Wish Breakpoint + step-by-step code execution + program variable view + cpu register view

    I believe that currently Anywhere Software environments can directly compete with all systems for producing Android or iOS code, offering speed of use, functional coverage, operational stability, and a large international community. The same thing cannot be said with B4R, it lacks some...
  3. Hadi57

    Android Question Different run result after stop in breakpoint

    Does anybody know why i get different result when i put a breakpoint before "IF" and step into next line? Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) Dim i As Int = 123 Dim b As Byte = 2 F1(Array As Object(i, b)) End Sub Private Sub F1(arg() As Object) If arg(1) = 2 Then...
  4. D

    Android Question Breakpoint keyboard shortcut - is it possible to redefine it?

    When debugging application, is very frequent activate and de-activate breakpoint to see variable and other Context Menu - Breakpoint Actually to activate breakpoint is necessary press with mouse cursor on left of code line or press CTRL+SHIFT+B Since this is an operation performed frequently...
  5. P

    Bug? 9.50 : Breakpoint in 'IF..THEN' lines does not stop

    Hi Erel, my first post, so forgive me in advance for errors. IDE does not stops on IF clause. Am I missing something ? In the example, IDE does not stops while reaching the line > If Starter.enabled <> 0 Then but stops when reaching both the following two breakpoints. Thank you.
  6. N

    Wish Breakpoint Enable/Disable Shortcuts key

    B4A is used well. B4A is a very useful tool. Thank you. There is one inconvenience. I usually do a lot of keyboard work when coding. However, it is inconvenient to use the mouse when I specify or release a breakpoint. Please make IDE shortcuts editable. If shortcut editing is not possible...
  7. advansis

    Wish IDE wishes

    Hi Erel, some suggestions for the b4x IDE, forgive me if they are already present and I did not see them: 1) A keyboard shortcut for inserting/deleting debugger-breakpoints 2) The ability to enable/disable each breakpoint without removing it 3) Conditional breakpoints 4) Compilation (release...
  8. Thorsen

    Android Question Keyboard shortcut to toggle breakpoint

    Hi, is there as keyboard shortcut to toggle breakpoint at the current line? It would be very nice to have. Intuitively it would be ctrl+B (personally I think it is more justifiable than current 'build configurations' which I guess you only need a few times). Thanks,