1. BugNot

    Android Question Convert C or C++ to b4a

    Hello, Could someone help me convert a C or C++ code to B4A? Thanks
  2. wonder

    I wrote a C++ class that emulates Python syntax

    So I've recently wrote a C++ class that allows you to use some Python-like syntax in your C++ projects. :) It's called PyData and it makes it really simple to create and manipulate JSON-like data-structures. https://gitlab.com/brunowonder/pydata-class Can you believe this is C++ code??? :D...
  3. JackKirk

    [COMPLETED - EXCELLENT RESULT] C++ programmer needed for small Windows project

    Hi, I'm looking for an experienced C++ programmer to write 2 relatively simple Windows .exe programs. The first program will run on Windows 10 and access a Hikvision IP camera at a given IP address and list all video clips on the cameras memory card in a given date/time range to a simple...