[COMPLETED - EXCELLENT RESULT] C++ programmer needed for small Windows project


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I'm looking for an experienced C++ programmer to write 2 relatively simple Windows .exe programs.

The first program will run on Windows 10 and access a Hikvision IP camera at a given IP address and list all video clips on the cameras memory card in a given date/time range to a simple Windows flat file.

The second program will run on Windows 10 and access a Hikvision IP camera at a given IP address and download a given named video clip from the cameras memory card to the PC.

I will write a B4J program to manage these .exe via jShell.

There is a comprehensive Hikvision C++ SDK available at:


then click on [Device Network SDK (for Windows 64-bit)]

If you download this SDK and unpack it you can find pretty good documentation in [Device Network SDK Programming Manual.chm]

In this documentation, if you go to [Programming Guideline] > [Playback and Downloading Module Procedure] there are some relevant flowcharts and examples that would probably just require extensive gutting and rearrangement to achieve what I am after.

For testing purposes I can set up a Hikvision camera on an IP address with a couple of video clips on it.

If anyone expresses interest I will provide a more detailed spec of each program.

Thanks in anticipation...


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After looking a bit at the SDK I should be able to make those applications for you. Only thing I'd require for now is the testing Camera.


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This job has been completed by zero9178.

It turned out he was the son of member rboeck who had pointed my thread out to him.

His resume is quite impressive for one so young and I had no difficulty in letting him have a go at it.

The result is most satisfactory, source code is clear and reasonably documented, rebuilding instructions clear and everything works as I specified.

I would have no problems recommending him for other C++ jobs.

I believe he may also be competent in Java.

Very happy...