1. amorosik

    Android Question How to interface CloudKVS server with C# code client?

    After trying the CloudKVS system, I think it is an excellent system for exchanging information / commands between PC systems and mobile devices Many times I believe it is also necessary to interface other devices, on which there are other software procedures The question is: how to interface a...
  2. rraswisak

    mStock-BIZ: Source code available for donation

    Important Note: Please noted that this is quiet old project i made in the past, all works at that time and it is also work when compiled with B4A version 10.2 beta with project code as is. Greeting all, I would like to sell share source-code of application created by me with B4A. The...
  3. rraswisak

    Share My Creation mStock-BIZ: Mobile Stock for Business

    Greetings all, It's been a year and half since i know and decide to buy and learn B4A, learning and asking from this great community - and finally i finish my second app created with B4A at my spare time, it's called mStock-BIZ that proudly want to share with you. What is mStock-BIZ ...
  4. D

    Android Question c# to B4A problem

    I'm trying to port this c# function to b4a. I'm having a problem with the highlighted line, any suggestions? private void combinationUtil(int[] arr, int[] data, int start, int end, int index, int r) { if (index == r) { string a = ""...
  5. Demitrius

    Wish Support for C#

    Hello @Erel and all the B4X community! First of all congratulations for this development tools, they are a great piece of software! :) A particular wish that I have is to see C# as an available language to program in B4J (at least). There are plans for this in the future? Happy coding! Best...
  6. pereskjo

    Android Question Encrypt on Android - Decrypt on .Net

    Hi, I need to send a encrypted String from Android Phone to Windows computer. So I need a B4A Encrypt , and C# / vb.net Decrypt code. I have tried various DES, 3DES libraries. So if any one of you have got this right, please post the code below.