1. M

    iOS Question BLE clear names cache

    Hi, I'm using an ESP32 to exchange data with iPhone over BLE... I changed the name of my device but the iPhone still uses the old name.... I read this thread, I tried restarting the iPhone but it still prints out the...
  2. P

    Bug? httpjob bug and cache

    I guess i found a bug on httpjob, and found out that httpjob also caches information,which in 2016 @Erel said it doesn't The specific error was: Error occurred on line: 292 (HttpJob) /data/user/0/b4a.example/cache/1: open failed: ENOENT (No such file or...
  3. P

    Android Question Want to know my application cache size and data size at runtime?

    Hello In my application, i want to know my application's cache size and data size when i start the application, and also if it is large then i want to delete them. How can i do this?

    Android Question ImageDownloader library + Cache admin

    Hello, im using the library : ImageDownloader in a loop of a few items of a customview I just noticed that the images are systematically downloaded from the server. In fact, I would like to find a way to use the cache when : - the image already exists - and has the same properties. (if...
  5. Lucas Eduardo

    Android Question Clear all temporary files of all apps

    Hello, i was looking in the forum, but i did not find anything working about it, is there a way to clear all temporary files of all apps?
  6. S

    French Accéder aux fichiers cachés

    Bonjour, Savez-vous comment je pourrais récupérer la BDD des musiques que l'on a enregistrés de shazam ? Il nous est impossible de voir le fichier car il faut rooté son tel ... chose que je ne peux pas faire sur le mien pour l'instant. Comment accéder à ce fichier avec les bonnes permissions...