Android Question Clear all temporary files of all apps

Lucas Eduardo

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Hello, i was looking in the forum, but i did not find anything working about it, is there a way to clear all temporary files of all apps?

Lucas Eduardo

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Yesterday i found an app that clean all app cache, they make an accessibility service, when i accept they accessibility service then the app can clean the caches.
I found this lib, how can adapt to do the same as the other app?

On the service created by moster67 the command to simulate the message is
success = acs.PerformNodeActionOnViewWithArgs(True,"com.whatsapp:id/entry",AccServConstants.ACTION_SET_TEXT,MsgMap)
success = acs.PerformNodeActionOnViewWithArgs(True, "com.whatsapp:id/send",AccServConstants.ACTION_CLICK, Null)


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