1. SumanR

    Android Question Any update about control array?

    I'd like to build a range calculation calculator. For example, ranges are 1-456, 565-789, 800-1255........ 10 ranges text box will be provided and user input data as needed for total SUM of ranges provided. How to build this type of calculator using a control array?
  2. Col

    Android Example Find a missing value using Approximation & Guesswork (Goal Seek)

    I have written a few Financial Calculators over the past couple of weeks, and one approach I've found extremely useful is Approximation and Guesswork. So I figured, why not share the approach with the forum, A) to hopefully inform and B) to see if anyone else has any other intriguing...
  3. Pedro Caldeira

    Android Question Use formula in string to calculate

    Hello guys, Is there any way to perform a calculation with the elements in a string for instance, i have "2x10/20" it can be any other calculus, like "(234/403)-20*50" but they are string can I somehow convert them to numbers to perform the operations ? Thanks
  4. H

    Share My Creation Calculator

    My first app is a calculator. Edit : I wrote at wrong place. Please move to Android forums. Source code : Forum Images/ On Google Play :
  5. Matteo Granatiero

    Android Question Calculator

    In practice I need to add (as a value not as text) a number (+1) to a number entered in an EditBox. I tried so "rough" EditText1.Text = "1" Dim s As String = EditText1.Text Msgbox (s + 1, "") [/ CODE] My problem is this, which unfortunately leaves me, in the msgbox, "2.0". ONLY I will use the...
  6. J

    Android Code Snippet Calculator Intent

    I am reposting this bit of code for those who want a simple way to call the calculator's intent on any phone. It took me a few hours to find this and thought others may find it helpful. Dim Pm As PackageManager Dim Inte As Intent Dim Packages As List Dim st As String Packages =...