1. Pedro Caldeira

    Android Question Use formula in string to calculate

    Hello guys, Is there any way to perform a calculation with the elements in a string for instance, i have "2x10/20" it can be any other calculus, like "(234/403)-20*50" but they are string can I somehow convert them to numbers to perform the operations ? Thanks
  2. H

    Share My Creation Calculator

    My first app is a calculator. Edit : I wrote at wrong place. Please move to Android forums. Source code : Forum Images/ On Google Play :
  3. Matteo Granatiero

    Android Question Calculator

    In practice I need to add (as a value not as text) a number (+1) to a number entered in an EditBox. I tried so "rough" EditText1.Text = "1" Dim s As String = EditText1.Text Msgbox (s + 1, "") [/ CODE] My problem is this, which unfortunately leaves me, in the msgbox, "2.0". ONLY I will use the...
  4. J

    Android Code Snippet Calculator Intent

    I am reposting this bit of code for those who want a simple way to call the calculator's intent on any phone. It took me a few hours to find this and thought others may find it helpful. Dim Pm As PackageManager Dim Inte As Intent Dim Packages As List Dim st As String Packages =...