1. Guenter Becker

    Android Question Call a Parent Sub from a Class

    Dear Developers, I have a b4xpage/Activity and I declared an instance of a class "X" as Private X1 as X in the Sub Globals. In may Class "X" I like to transfer a value to the b4xpage/activity like I do in a Custom View Class. callSub2(mCallback, mEventName & "_ABC", result) I tried to use...
  2. M

    Android Question [B4XPages] CallSub of a Page from a Class

    Hi everyone, i'm using B4XPages on Android and i have this scenario: I've a class that handles http requests (let's call A) I've a B4XPage (let's call B) When the app is opened/resumed, a method of the A class is called, when it finishes his work it must call a Sub that is located in B (if it...
  3. fbritop

    Other Cancel CallSubUtils B4I/B4X

    I did some modifications, when callSubUtils was not an internal library. I wanted to use this procedure, but I had to dig out in an older project with what I modified. I did found a thread that was asking this. What I actualy did, was that callSubPlus(2), would return a timer instead of a...
  4. a6000000

    Android Example [WebViewExtras] send data: from WebView to B4X / from B4X to WebView [addJavascriptInterface] [CallSub]

    addJavascriptInterface [WebViewExtras] CallSub [B4XPages] Example I created a Example (after search and not found) send data: from WebView to B4X / from B4X to WebView , using addJavascriptInterface and CallSub, thre are sam B4XPages also, hope it's useful, and there are some room...
  5. LucaMs

    Wish Unlimited number of arguments when using CallSub/CallSubDelayed

    I hope to explain the problem well enough by exposing a concrete example that happened to me just yesterday. I have a routine in an Activity that receives two parameters. When I invoke it from within the Activity itself, I simply use: RoutineName(Param1, Param2). I also called it from a...
  6. L

    Italian Problema con Wait For Stream_newdata

    Ciao a tutti, Ho sviluppato nella mia applicazione la comunicazione con un misuratore fiscale, apro un socket su questo e scrivo i vari comandi nel flusso. Ad ogni comando inviato devo però intercettare la risposta da questo per verificarne l'esito, cosa che ho gestito con i wait for. Esempio...
  7. MarkusR

    Android Question Call a Sub in Activity from a Service

    hello, i have a little problem, if me call a sub (in an activity) from a service and the activity is not in front it seems it create a new activity instead of open the one that is in pause mode.
  8. advansis

    Android Question callsub and polymorphism

    Hi guys, I have some Activities that share one or more functions. In this wy I realize a sort of polymorphism. But, the following code seems not to work...:( ' Activity_A sub Fooo (A as string, B as string) '... end sub ' Activity_B sub Fooo (A as string, B as string) '... end sub '...