1. A

    Android Question Is it possible to fix CamEx2?

    Is there a way for a user to request camera access after they have already denied it on Android? Of course, if you disable the use of Camera, you can always enable it in Settings. But is it possible to correct the CamEx2 algorithm without manually adjusting the settings?
  2. b4x-de

    Android Question CamEx2 Zoom in Preview AND Capture

    Hi, as Erel stated in this post the zoom in CamEx2 Class effects only the preview but not the capture of the photo taken: To change this behavior I added in CamEx2.setPreviewCropRegion a line...
  3. N

    Android Question CameraEx doesn't work.

    I want to take a picture when the PanelCamera is visible. But I can not initialize the camera. When I pressed on the BtnCamera, it just showed a black screen and return start camera false. But when I tried on a new project, it's work. I don't why, please help.. :(
  4. Brandsum

    Android Tutorial Slow Motion video recording using CamEX2

    Here is the example of SlowMo video capture using Camera2 API and CamEX2 class. This is the code for recording slow-motion video which you can find at the bottom of CamEX2 Class of attached example, #Region HighSpeed/SlowMo Public Sub getHighSpeedVideoSizesAndFPS As List Dim scMap As...
  5. W

    German CamEx2 Zeitstempel und Copyright

    Hallo Ich suche jetzt schon zwei Tage wie man in einen CamEx2 Film ein Copyright und einen Zeitstempel einfügen kann. Voer einer Woche habe ich irgendwo so eine Activity gesehen mit vier Bildern und einem bewegten Smiley drin. Ich kann das aber nicht mehr finden. Kann mir jemand ein Tipp geben...
  6. S

    Android Question Camera2 - Problem with Camera_SurfaceReady

    I'm writing a timelapse app using a foreground service to keep the process running and all is fine until the display "goes to sleep". When the Main Activity is re-awakened by a CallSubDelayed from my foreground service, there is no response from the line "Wait For Camera_SurfaceReady" in...
  7. uniplan

    Android Question CamEx2 Error : Camera 0: Got error Invalid argument (-22) after ...

    Hi, i'm using the CamEx2 Library on my Huawei P20 Pro (Android 8), buta i receive this message when i try to take a Photo. android.hardware.camera2.CameraAccessException: CAMERA_ERROR (3): submitRequestList:283: Camera 0: Got error Invalid argument (-22) after trying to submit capture request...
  8. knutf

    Android Question How can I make the Camera2 PreviewTaken (Image As Object) event to happen?

    In CamEx2 the Camera2 PreviewTaken (Image As Object) event is commented: 'Private Sub Camera_PreviewTaken (Image As Object) ' Log(Image) 'End Sub I tried uncommenting the Sub, but the event never happens: :( Private Sub Camera_PreviewTaken (Image As Object) Log("PreviewTaken") End Sub...
  9. S

    Android Question Camex2 flash on video

    Hi, how can I activate the flash before and during the video recording? AutoExposureMode = "ON" works for me only in photo mode (CamEx2 v1.20)