1. F

    Share My Creation ANSIDroid - ANSI Art on Android

    Another "weird" app of mine, to render and display ANSI art in Android smartphones. You can download any .ANS, .DIZ, .NFO, even .TXT file and render it on the fly on your phone. It supports SAUCE data , various palletes for matching colors and many, many, many bitmap fonts to achieve 100%...
  2. Scotter

    Android Question How to use clipboard?

    My search here turned up some pretty old posts so I'm creating a new thread because I want to be sure I get the latest methodology for how to make this work. I just reloaded a project using old clipboard ways. I'm not sure if I was using a custom library because this new computer doesn't have...
  3. amorosik

    B4J Question Write text inside other program's textbox, press key, detect color label

    I have a program that I will call progA that runs on Windows and that has a textbox for inserting alphanumeric numbers, a 'CONTROL' key to press to start a control procedure, and a label (or image) that changes color from green to red if the check is not passed I would like, using the B4J...
  4. I

    Wish Empty selection wipes clipboard using CTRL+C/CTRL+V

    I like the BX editor a lot but I noticed a small but important difference using the most common shortcuts CTRL+C/CTRL+X and CTRL+V to other developer editors. If you copy/cut a part of your sourcecode using CTRL+C/CTRL+X and accidentally hit again CTRL+C instead of CTRL+V then your clipboard...
  5. Scotter

    Android Question I want to send text to the phone clipboard

    I see this thread I copied the code into a class module but not sure how to reference that module. Tried to use [module_name].SetText(myString) but that doesn't work. Maybe there are...