Android Question How to use clipboard?


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My search here turned up some pretty old posts so I'm creating a new thread because I want to be sure I get the latest methodology for how to make this work.
I just reloaded a project using old clipboard ways. I'm not sure if I was using a custom library because this new computer doesn't have whatever custom libraries I installed.
I'm wondering if this is now a built in functionality or if I need to get a new custom library?

What I have that is now showing error:
Dim UserClipBoard As BClipboard

Main - 798: Undeclared variable 'userclipboard' is used before it was assigned any value.
Main - 797: Unknown type: bclipboard<br />Are you missing a library reference?
Main - 280: Msgbox and other modal dialogs are deprecated. Use the async methods instead. (warning #34)

[IDE message - 4:30:13]
An error occurred.
Maven artifact not found: androidx.annotation/annotation-experimental

Thank you!


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is there a B4XClipboard somewhere?

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