1. moty22

    Share My Creation Talking Clock

    The clock uses ATMEGA328 internal timers to get 1 minute time base which is as accurate as the 16MHz crystal. The code works for Arduino Nano and Uno only. Code has inline C for setting the timers, and wire lib for the OLED. The DF Player plays many sound formats. The talking clock can be used...
  2. A

    Android Question Error on compiling corwin42's worldclock widget

    I wanted to have resizable widget, So I searched the forum for that and i found this: link However, when I compile the app it show me this error:
  3. moty22

    Share My Creation Talking Clock

    The clock uses Text To Speech to read the time. It is set as a service so it reads time hourly at the background. Leave the clock running in your office so at least once every hour you get to hear something that makes sense.
  4. MarkusR

    Share My Creation B4A Clock 24 Widget

    Here is my 24 hour clock as Widget Project. V 09.03.2018 i useing a dot for the seconds now and i set the service as foreground. (it is possible that this Widget drawing also if it is not visible, i am open for improvements ..)
  5. MarkusR

    B4A Library Clock 24

    as the title said, a custom view of my 24 hour clock (just for fun) build into a library. unzip into libraries folder or your extra librarys folder, then refresh library list in ide and select Clock24. for download link please scroll to 1.04 the idea behind my 24 hour clock view...