1. Dave O

    Android Code Snippet cloudKVS - adding list of changes to NewData event

    Hi all, When using cloudKVS, its NewData event tells you when changes have been downloaded from the server, but there's no easy way to find out which data has changed. See this thread for details. @Erel identified where this could be determined, so I've written and tested the following...
  2. Dave O

    Android Question cloudKVS - how to identify specific changes on NewData event?

    Hi cloudKVS users, I'm updating my checklist app to share lists between users, and hope to use cloudKVS to do that - write changes to the local data store, let cloudKVS upload those to the server data store, and periodically refresh from server to the client app. Question: When the NewData...
  3. Dave O

    B4J Question (solved) B4J cloudKVS server on VPS - can upload data, can't download/refresh data

    Hi all, Using cloudKVS in a test app to sync data from 2 Android devices to the cloudKVS server (vanilla B4J app listening on port 51042). Works fine when the server is my laptop, and the Androids are on the same Wifi network. But when the server is on my VPS (Ubuntu with JRE installed...
  4. Dave O

    B4J Question best Linux distribution for simple cloudKVS B4J server?

    Hi all, I created a B4A checklist app that stores data locally on the device, but now I'd like to offer users the option to collaborate on their lists with others, so I'm planning to use cloudKVS on a VPS. (Already have a test app working on a Windows laptop with 2 Android devices connecting...
  5. F

    Android Question CloudKVS and map

    Hi, I am using CloudKVS and want to sync between two devices e.g. tablet and phone. I tried to use a Map with several objects to put/get but it seems as if they overwrite each other. From what I understand I probably need to use the GetAll and then have the objects merged into my own local...
  6. Dave O

    Android Question trialing CloudKVS on a local Windows/Android setup?

    Hi all, I need to move my app's data (currently stored in a local file using writeMap) to the cloud so my users can share it between devices and family members. I'm looking for some tips on how to do this. CloudKVS seems like the best solution at this point. I don't know much about the server...
  7. amorosik

    Android Question How to interface CloudKVS server with C# code client?

    After trying the CloudKVS system, I think it is an excellent system for exchanging information / commands between PC systems and mobile devices Many times I believe it is also necessary to interface other devices, on which there are other software procedures The question is: how to interface a...
  8. amorosik

    Android Question CloudKVS - how to decrease information exchange delay between client and server?

    CloudKVS tutorial In order to speed up the exchange of information, I experimented with the examples attached to the project description In particular, on the Android client project, on Starter service I tried to decrease the refresh time to 0.001 Sub Service_Create ckvs.Initialize(Me...
  9. Mashiane

    B4J Question [BANano] How can one use something like CloudKVS

    Ola Im interested in functionality provided by CloudKVS. How can one implement such with BANano? If possible can someone please provide an example demo? Thanks
  10. pedrocam

    Android Question CloudKVS sharing data between users

    Hey guys! I am putting together an app to act as a simple chat with multiple chat rooms, and location sharing. I am using MQTT for the chatrooms, and I am trying to get CloudKVS to act as the server for the other information such as location, and other permanent information on each user. My...
  11. Ganso

    Android Question KeyValueStore database import & export

    Hi. I'm using KeyValueStore2 for storing configuration data in my project, and it's working great. I'd like to have the posibility of making backups of the configuration and import them in the same or other devices. CloudKVS would be great, but I don't have a dedicated server to install it...