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  1. mohsen programmer

    Android Question Failure to recognize code module methods

    Hello I use the following code in Service_Create in my starter to send a notification with firebase: Sub Service_Create Try CallSubDelayed(FirebaseMessaging, "SubscribeToTopics") Catch End Try End Sub There are also functions in this service (starter). In these functions...
  2. Dave O

    Android Question B4XSerializator and types declared outside main module

    B4XSerializator says that it wants any types to be defined in the Main module. Why is that? Background: I'm building a multi-user version of my checklist app using CloudKVS, which uses B4XSerializator to send objects back and forth. Normally I declare my types and most global variables and...
  3. R

    Android Question Why Type in code module not recognized by B4XMainPage?

    In B4XMainPage I have this code: Sub Class_Globals Private ser As B4XSerializator End Sub Sub GetSQL_ExtraFromTable(strNameOfSQL As String, _ iFolderID As Int, _ strRunSQL As String) As tSQL_Extra Dim strSQL As String Dim...
  4. Reckless

    Wish B4X IDE Panel Layouts

    After about 12 years of working with B4X, we have seen great improvements in this IDE The speed of software development as well as the cleanliness of the codes compared to Android Studio By is all clear I dedicate this plan to dear Erel And as well as better design layout and code application...
  5. gezueb

    B4J Question webserver handle to call global formatting code

    I would like to write some formatting code that is called from different handlers in a web server. Is it possible to place it in a code or class module? How about reentrancy problem? Explanation or link to some is appreciated!
  6. Rob Bliss

    Android Question Get .bas name from code module

    When calling a function thats in a code module, is there a way to get and use the .bas file name thats calling it, other than creating a new parameter in the function? I was hoping Sender would be of use, but it would appear not.

    Android Question [Solved] Job with wait for into a class

    Hello, I have a lot of sub routines that execute some poststrings actions with an ASP API. So i have put the whole in a separate Code Module , like for example sending email directly via the API (its more simpler and lighter for the app) : Sub SendAnEmail(QSTT As String, QSMESS As String...
  8. J

    Spanish conexion a esp8266 como AP falla

    Hola Estoy tratando de conectar el esp8266 como acces point al celular pero no se logra conectar, encuentro la red y me conecto a ella, pero al iniciar la aplicación y tratar de hacer la conexión, no funciona El esp8266 si funciona, usé un ejemplo que encontré...
  9. peacemaker

    Android Code Snippet Super-others: my 42 common usage subs

    Common subs are usually placed into a code module. I decided to check all my projects that have "others.bas" code module, and i have found... 185 unique files. And much more common subs, but 42 pcs of them can be useful for community. Mostly the names are self-explaning, most are from the forum.
  10. Sandman

    Android Question [SOLVED] Placing important vars in Starter vs Code module?

    I know that we're supposed to place important vars in Starter so they are always around. But I have to ask why we can't place them in a code module instead? That's always around also, right? Or do vars in code modules get purged now and then by the OS? Or are there other problems? (Why a code...
  11. Thorsen

    Android Question USBSerial - where is the DataAvailable event raised?

    Hi, I found an unexpected behaviour of the DataAvailable event: My main module calls a codemodule (repshare) to initialize and use the felUSBSerial repshare.mUSBInit in repshare.mUSBinit i setup the callback event … usbserial.Initialize("evtUSBSerial", device, 1) I expected that...