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  1. gezueb

    B4J Question webserver handle to call global formatting code

    I would like to write some formatting code that is called from different handlers in a web server. Is it possible to place it in a code or class module? How about reentrancy problem? Explanation or link to some is appreciated!
  2. Rob Bliss

    Android Question Get .bas name from code module

    When calling a function thats in a code module, is there a way to get and use the .bas file name thats calling it, other than creating a new parameter in the function? I was hoping Sender would be of use, but it would appear not.

    Android Question [Solved] Job with wait for into a class

    Hello, I have a lot of sub routines that execute some poststrings actions with an ASP API. So i have put the whole in a separate Code Module , like for example sending email directly via the API (its more simpler and lighter for the app) : Sub SendAnEmail(QSTT As String, QSMESS As String...
  4. J

    Spanish conexion a esp8266 como AP falla

    Hola Estoy tratando de conectar el esp8266 como acces point al celular pero no se logra conectar, encuentro la red y me conecto a ella, pero al iniciar la aplicación y tratar de hacer la conexión, no funciona El esp8266 si funciona, usé un ejemplo que encontré...
  5. peacemaker

    Android Code Snippet Super-others: my 42 common usage subs

    Common subs are usually placed into a code module. I decided to check all my projects that have "others.bas" code module, and i have found... 185 unique files. And much more common subs, but 42 pcs of them can be useful for community. Mostly the names are self-explaning, most are from the forum.
  6. Sandman

    Android Question [SOLVED] Placing important vars in Starter vs Code module?

    I know that we're supposed to place important vars in Starter so they are always around. But I have to ask why we can't place them in a code module instead? That's always around also, right? Or do vars in code modules get purged now and then by the OS? Or are there other problems? (Why a code...
  7. Thorsen

    Android Question USBSerial - where is the DataAvailable event raised?

    Hi, I found an unexpected behaviour of the DataAvailable event: My main module calls a codemodule (repshare) to initialize and use the felUSBSerial repshare.mUSBInit in repshare.mUSBinit i setup the callback event … usbserial.Initialize("evtUSBSerial", device, 1) I expected that...