Wish B4X IDE Panel Layouts


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After about 12 years of working with B4X, we have seen great improvements in this IDE
The speed of software development as well as the cleanliness of the codes compared to Android Studio By is all clear

As an expert in UI/UX Designer :
Not made much progress in designing the UI/UX of the coding window
I dedicate this plan to dear Erel
And as well as better design layout and code application Be in one Window or One Tabed Panel Android Studio Designing Layout And Code Tabs
I had to use two monitors to design the interface of production applications
One for coding and the other only for the layout design, but still the switch speed between the two is slow and annoying in large projects
Also maybe in the next versions of B4A/B4i/B4J, we will see more Property of the views in the Properties Panel in Designer to use less than JavaObject
I hope this design has helped to improve the user interface and user experience of the popular Basic family šŸ‘
Thank you @Erel


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