1. Mashiane

    B4J Tutorial [BANanoWebix] Lesson 17 - Comments / Chat Widget

    Hi The comments widget works like a chat screen. Now I need to learn BANanoWebsockets and feed that into this. One of the nice things about this component is that the users data, the comments can be hosted and fed directly from any source type of data. For example in our example, we have...
  2. R

    Android Question SQLCipher compiled with SQLITE_ENABLE_EXPLAIN_COMMENT

    The current SQLCipher (version 3.20.1, compile date 24/08/2017) is compiled without SQLITE_ENABLE_EXPLAIN_COMMENTS, so although there is a comment output column, the Explain command doesn't produce any comments. This is a pity as it looks using Explain could be an easy way to see all the select...