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[GCE] For Noobs, Part 6 - Installing MySQL / MariaDB

Note: some distributions of Linux are now installing MariaDB as a default. Debian 9 Stretch is an example of that. The two databases are, for the most part, identical to each other. MariaDB is...

[GCE] For Noobs, Part 1 - Intro

As promised, I present to you a trilogy of short tutorials allowing you to learn some of the basics of Google Compute Platform/Engine (GCP/E). The knowledge you gain from these tutorials will...
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[B2X]Documention of BBCode Variant of BBCodeView Using BBCodeView Itself

The recent addition of the anchor tag in BBCodeView opens up an efficient and effective way for creating documentation that works on a desktop and devices.
This tag allows you to scroll to any...


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Double Pendulum - just for fun

It is a B4J shortcut to kickstart this project. Copy attached Jar to your B4J library folder and then run the attached B4J project (chaos theory).

Adjust the sliders....



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Wanted to see what is in the demo's of this Github Project. Have compiled the library and demo code into a single jar (JHSxChart.jar). Download and copy JHSxChart.jar to your B4J...


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Backup SQLite DB with VACUUM INTO

Less of a tutorial, more to point out another option which doesn't seem to have a mention anywhere on here yet....

I was searching for options to create a backup copy of an SQLite database. There...
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Scan 1D / 2D barcodes with your Laptop's WebCam

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OkapiBarcode (ZINT)

It is based on this Github project. Have stripped it bare and compiled the code to a new Jar (OkapiJHS.jar) so that it will only handle DataMatrix barcodes (a pm request that I have...


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Web API 2 Tutorial


This tutorial is based on Web API Template 2.

How to install:

1. Download the template and copy it to B4J Additional Library folder.
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SithasoDaisy TailwindCSS UI Toolkit: Q & A

Hi there

Do you have any questions about SithasoDaisy UI Toolkit?

You can shoot it here and we will oblige.

Thanks in advance?

Join on Telegram

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SithasoDaisy: Crud WebApp on Java Jetty WebServer with Pocketbase Back-End Hosted on PocketHost.IO

Hi there

I am playing around with BANanoServer. So far so good.


Ceveat: PocketHost.IO is slow compared to hosting PocketBase yourself.

Watch this space.

[MakeB4XLib] An application for creating a .b4xlib type library.

Seminar on the MakeB4XLib application version 1.7,
which is a tool for creating libraries of the "B4X Library (.b4xlib)" type.

In this seminar I will...


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SithasoDaisy: Click Events and event.PreventDefault


It is safe, that in all _click events, you add an event.PreventDefault

As an example...

'Close input dialog
Private Sub mdlTasks_Cancel_Click (e As BANanoEvent)...

[ABMaterial] Several ABMaterial servers on one IP


I was struggling to see several ABMaterial servers visible from one IP on one port. I use it because I have one VPS test server for clients and I put there test versions for them. Each...
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[Server] Using Let's Encrypt on Ubuntu VPS

So I have created a few JRDC2 apps. I put them on a VPS as live demo. It is running on Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit. Today I wanted to make the app more secure by...


It is a B4J "kick-start" project for the JAR of this Github project. How to use it:
1. Copy the attached B4J project - the B4J code is very simple:
B4J code:
#Region Project Attributes...


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Maximize, minimize, restore and full screen (programmatically)

Based on this post and in other internet searches:

(Attached sample project)

#Region Project Attributes
    #MainFormWidth: 600
    #MainFormHeight: 600
#End Region

Sub Process_Globals...


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Running Jar with double click (in Java OpenJDK 11+ )

As shared in multiple places in this forum Java 11 OpenJDK does not allow to run jar files directly. (here)

Here is an easy workaround...

1. Run cmd with administrator privilege.
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Anyone for Another game of Chess....(lol)

Just for the fun of it - I like to see what the UI of some Java projects looks like and how it reacts when in use. The easiest way (at least for me) is to kick start it via a simple B4J project...


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Anyone for a game of Chess...

Go to post #2 - all in B4J and no external lib required

It is based on this Github posting
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