1. F

    Android Question ROBOCOPY - Robust File Copy for Windows

    Hi guys I'm trying to compile my project but I keep getting this error i try changing the folder directory to C but I get the same error the file is been loaded using the B4A project file B4A Version: 12.80 Parsing code. (0.04s) Java Version: 14 Building folders structure. (0.05s)...
  2. F

    Android Question [SOLVED] Program type already present: okio.AsyncTimeout$Watchdog

    Hello, I've been using B4A since early releases for various projects. I updated to B4A v12.0 to recompile an old project of mine so that it conforms to latest Google Android guidelines. Project was compiling fine on a previous version of B4A (non 64bit), using targetsdk of 29 or below but it...
  3. M

    iOS Question iPhone does not ask to install when i compile in Release

    hi everyone, i just bought the new license for the hosted-builder, i update the user-id, it compiles. The problem is that, when i compile in debug, everything is fine. When i compile in release mode, it just says "you can now download the .ipa etc..." but on the phone no msgbox asking for...
  4. M

    iOS Question Release Compiling for App Store

    Hi everyone, i can't use my iPhoneXR for a while, so i'm using an iPhone 5 now. I have to send an update of an app to the store. My question is: If i compile the release app while in the server settings is checked 32bit instead of 64bit there is a difference for the app that will published on...
  5. Chianca

    Android Question Slow Compiling and Convert Dex

    Hello, I'm having some problems when trying to deploy or debug my App. It has some libs and files, but it's taking a long time compiling and converting DEX, as you can see in the image below. I have Increased MaxRamForDex for 3000, but not positive effect. MaxRamForDex=3000 Computer: Intel...
  6. M

    Android Question Errors opening SDK Manager - can't compile anymore.

    Hi i opened the sdk manager to upgrade but this showed up And if i compile show this:
  7. M

    iOS Question Local Mac Builder - After compiling successfull nothing happen on B4i-Bridge

    Hi, i'm manged finally to compile on a local mac, but when the compiling finish nothing happends, it's normal? Or i've to do something? In these days, i tried to restart several times, and NOW after i published this post (karma was waiting for this), it worked for the first time. It seems to be...
  8. Ariyan Ahmadpour

    Android Question compile with java 8

    hi friends how can we compile b4a project with java 8? Android Studio gradle code : compileOptions { sourceCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8 targetCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8 }
  9. Scotter

    Android Question Debut: "Cannot find: [blank]"

    Hi - I had the issue with my first compile of simple program telling me it couldn't find aapt.exe. So I searched this forum and found I needed to copy the file over, along with the "lib" folder to the platform-tools folder. Done. Fixed. Now when I try to compile, it says "Cannot find:" with...
  10. C

    Android Question Strange Problem

    I'm developing on two devices and have come across a weird problem. On my my Galaxy Tab A with Android 7, when I run my program, everything appears to run fine, with no errors in the log, but when I run on my ZKC with Andoird 5, I get errors and it doesn't run. Here's the log. It was working...