1. YongTheBeginner

    Android Question SQLite Connection Error

    Good day. I am new to B4A and I want to create an application with SQLite database. I set up the DB Browser properly and added the sql file to the file manager in b4a. But the problem is I always encounter this error "android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: no such table: user_table (code 1...
  2. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Difficulty connecting to B4A-Bridge 2.62

    Greetings, After updating B4A to version 11.20, I can't connect to the B4A-Bridge 2.62 app. Is this the newest B4A-Bridge app available? I also tried to reinstall B4A-Bridge without it connecting. B4A displays "Trying to connect..." in the status bar and I did make sure the IP address is...
  3. Mrphone

    Android Question wifi disconnected when screen off

    hi I'm created a program that connects to a Wi-Fi using the "network" library , Everything works fine, but when the mobile screen turns off, the connection is lost :( What should be done so that when the mobile screen is turned off, the connection is still in place and not disconnected? #Region...
  4. B

    Android Question OkHTTPUtlis2 Connection problem on Android 10

    Hello, I post data to my server with OkHttpUtils2 and it works. But my server not have SSL and that is why my program does not work in Android 10. I do not know what to do to connect to the server in Android 10 without SSL.
  5. M

    iOS Question Check if the WiFi and the Mobile Data are enabled

    How can i check if the Wifi and Mobile Data are enabled (not connected). And what is the event that triggers when one of those two change
  6. 3

    Italian connessione a db sqlserver su server aziendale

    Buonasera, vorrei col mio telefonino creare un app che mi permetta di farel' update di dati che ho su un database aziendale. Di solito su usavo laconnessione OLEDB o SQLclient esiste qualcosa di simile? Quindi una volta aperta la connessione fare le query, le update ecc in sql. Ho...
  7. WadeFisher

    B4J Question jRDC: java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver

    Trying to follow the jrDC2 Tuturial but can not get past the connection trial using the browser. I am using the same connection string that I use on my UI program which works fine. The jrRDC example server is running on my development desktop, the MariaDB10 data base is running on a server on...
  8. bitben

    Android Question B4A SSL Handshake Error

    Hello, yes i know there are many threads about this, but i have found no solution to my - i think - special problem. I need to connect to this url: There is no need to install an sec. certificate, i can load it and login in chrome without certificate...