1. natesobol

    iOS Question iAdMob Consent Custom Provider

    Hi all, I've been having an issue with the GDPR consent form for iAdMob. Going off of Erel's thread Here, and some google searches it seems it has to do with the limit on 12 ad technology providers, but I thought they removed it. I'm wondering if anyone has an idea as to what's causing it. I...
  2. Hadi57

    Android Code Snippet How to increase your Consent Rate for your GDPR CMP in Google funding Choices

    Hi Friends, As you maybe know Google can completely turn off your Ads, if EU users do not consent in GDPR CMP pop-up and there is no working solution for that. But there are some strategies that I use for increase Consent Rate that lead to show/serve more Ads and increase Monetization. Please...
  3. Ivan Aldaz

    B4A Class AdMobConsentFormMultilang

    Hi This class shows the consent form required for ads in EEC countries and UK in several languages (see Consts in Class_Globals). It's almost a clone of the Google Consent form. Code is B4X, written for B4A. For the moment I don't use B4J or B4I, but I guess it's not much effort to adapt this...
  4. R

    Clarification of note added to a thread about admob

    In the thread at this URL: Erel recently added this comment: "Edit: It is also required to request user consent for personalized ads. See this tutorial...
  5. Computersmith64

    EU GDPR Implementation

    Just wondering what the general thoughts on the new EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) due to be implemented in mid May are? For me there are 2 areas that will impact on my apps I think - advertising & analytics. From the emails I have received from Google (the latest being today), it...