1. Plutoam

    Android Question Add multiple contacts at once

    Hello, I have a contacts creator app, I use the ContactUtils library But it is very slow Is there a way to add a large list of numbers to contacts? Or is there a faster way to add a large number of contacts? (For example, 5000 contacts)
  2. Isaac0maq

    Android Question Build contacts

    Hello to all👋 I am a newcomer and I want to get your help to create a program that can create and save many contacts randomly. of them to add in channels such as Telegram or WhatsApp and... used Can you help me to achieve this success together?!😇 Thank you for your help, I love you😘
  3. W

    Android Question Android 11 error writing contacts: java.lang.SecurityException

    I'm puzzled. When writing contacts (trying to make any kind of modifications to contacts data) I'm getting the below error; the code works fine on Android 7, but not on my new toy with Android 11 (Xiaomi Redmi Note 10), B4A 10.90: RuntimePermissions PERMISSION_READ_CONTACTS and...
  4. W

    Share My Creation TBirdSync: Thunderbird contacts/calendar/tasks mirroring from PC to Android (sources included)

    This B4A app and its B4J counterpart can be found at
  5. W

    Share My Creation TBirdSync: Thunderbird contacts/calendar/tasks mirroring from PC to Android (sources included)

    Background I hesitated to post this as it's probably only useful for a small audience (if any), but as I didn't find another solution, perhaps it can benefit others who are looking for this or for something similar. I've been using the excellent MyPhoneExplorer ( for...
  6. W

    Android Tutorial [B4A] [Class] [Contacts] wmContactsUtils - enhanced ContactsUtils

    This is an enhanced version based on @Erel 's ContactsUtils v1.20. NOTE: DeleteContact didn't work on an Amazon Fire tablet with Android 5.1.1 but did on a Moto X Style phone with Android 7. I wasn't able to find the cause; possibly it's related to the ROM I installed on that tablet or to the...
  7. Azam Memon

    Android Question Same Contact name with multiple phone numbers using ContactSearcher

    Hi, I am using ContactSearcher to find phone contacts, my phone has stored multiple phone numbers in one contact profile, like Home phone, Mobile, Office phone etc. When using ContactSearcher, it shows same phone number under all contacts with same names like contact profile with my name is...
  8. H

    Android Example Android Native Contacts Phone Number Picker

    This is an example of choosing a phone number from native android contacts picker.
  9. rleiman

    Android Question Calling to texting someone from my contacts

    Hi Everyone, I would like to know if this can be done with B4A. I would like to be able to view all of my phone contacts in a list view and allow the user to select 1 or more contacts, get their phone number and ring them and play a sound file to them. If that can't be done can I send a SMS...
  10. C

    iOS Question Error while trying to update birthday on phone contacts. Using ContactsUtils.

    good afternoon everyone, Has anyone managed to update the birthday? Could you tell me how to pass birthday parameter, to be set in the method:: UpdateContact(cu, contacts.ContactBirthdayKey, ??????) ? Already tried as string, cuDate, Long and I could not, always gives error. Thank you for...