1. Alain75

    Android Question Add Firstname, LastName in ContactsUtils and add sort Column in FindAllContacts

    I used ContactsUtils 1.20 to explore my contacts but I was surprised not to found FirstName and LastName. I had difficulties to found references about it except an EREL's post (of course :)) on android constants for Contacts Finally I add the 2 attributes in the type definition of cuContact ...
  2. PureVision

    Java Question Get contact ID by phone number (B4a)

    Hello everyone, I've been looking for 2 days now how to get just the ID of a contact by the phone number I found the Technis lib but I can't manage to use it... and with the ContactsUtils all queries ask for contact ID I'm stuck and can't find any additional information on this, can someone help...
  3. Isaac0maq

    Android Question Build contacts

    Hello to all👋 I am a newcomer and I want to get your help to create a program that can create and save many contacts randomly. of them to add in channels such as Telegram or WhatsApp and... used Can you help me to achieve this success together?!😇 Thank you for your help, I love you😘
  4. Zlgo

    Android Question ContactsUtils show few phone contact

    Demo ContactsUtils now works on B4A 10 , but see only few contacts of 67 .What is criteria to showing really all contacts? Ok some of them are on SD card but on phone memory is also more contacts then it show?
  5. A

    Android Question ContactUtils problem

    Hello, I used contactUtils to search for a contact by name, and display his phone number, but after a few uses, each contact searched is duplicated for 3 or more tines iin my contacts. Why is it happening? How can I cancel it? Thanks in advance.
  6. H

    Android Example Android Native Contacts Phone Number Picker

    This is an example of choosing a phone number from native android contacts picker.
  7. A

    Android Question Permissions in manifest not triggering question at install

    Hi All I'm using the ContactUtils class here: It allows to read contact info from a phone. I added these permissions to the manifest as per the tutorial for the class...
  8. S

    Android Question How to get contact list with only mobile phone ?

    Hello, Is there a way to get a contact list that has a mobile phone number ? "FindContactsIdFromData" retrieve all the contact but i'd like to retrieve only contact that have a mobile phone number. In order to speed up the recovery processing of contacts and include a search (MiniSearchView...
  9. C

    iOS Question Error while trying to update birthday on phone contacts. Using ContactsUtils.

    good afternoon everyone, Has anyone managed to update the birthday? Could you tell me how to pass birthday parameter, to be set in the method:: UpdateContact(cu, contacts.ContactBirthdayKey, ??????) ? Already tried as string, cuDate, Long and I could not, always gives error. Thank you for...