1. mmieher

    Android Question ContentChooser Bitmap Puzzler

    Cannot figure out what the problem is here: Private Sub SelectPicture As ResumableSub LogSub("SelectPicture") 'Dim img As ImageView ' now up there in the Class_Globals -- no difference img.Initialize("") cc.Initialize("PhotoChoo") cc.Show("image/*","The Title when...
  2. MarkusR

    Android Example ContentChooser Example (select image at phone)

    Here is a ContentChooser Example project to choose a image at phone for use in a activity with image view. it works with B4A 9.x and Android 8.1Übersicht
  3. leandroavila74

    Android Question Problem using Choose Content

    Hi, I'm using "contentchooser" to get gallery photos however this is a strange behavior in android 5.1 lolipop, the "thumbs" of the images is not appearing as attached image. could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? my code is very simple Dim ImageChooser As ContentChooser...
  4. S

    Android Question Need help on ContentChooser problem...

    Hi all, When using ContentChooser to select an image on phone gallery, Erel said on post : You don't need to copy the file. You can load it from its original location. Use LoadBitmapSample instead of LoadBitmap...
  5. Didier9

    Android Question Object should first be initialized (Cursor). with GetPathFromContentResult()

    I can run Erel's example just fine, but when I integrate it in my app, I get a java.lang.RuntimeException: Object should first be initialized (Cursor). error I have attached a minimized version of my app with just the offending code. It picks an image from the chooser and scales it to best fit...