1. M

    iOS Question Why is "0xFF000000" equal to -16777216?

    Hi everyone I'm using hex numbers to be comfortable with colors... I needed to add the Alpha channel to RGB color code.. for example dim rgb_color as int = 0xFF0000 dim rgba_color as int = rgb_color + 0xFF000000 this code does not work because "0xFF000000" is recognized as -16777216, do you...
  2. RockSmoke

    Android Question Convert String Expression To Label

    Good day to everyone. In my project on B4A, I convert the data I receive over BLE to UTF-8 units. Then I want to give it to the screen via the label, but I am getting such an error. How do i convert to label text Thanks For Your Answer. ERROR MESSAGE : (TextView) android.widget.TextView{82e135b...
  3. epiCode

    Java to B4X

    Hi Everyone, It will be interesting to know your opinion on: 1. Does Java to B4X converter has any scope ? 2. Would you be willing to pay for a converter or use it on need basis as a service ? ...knowing that a full identical code conversion to original source is not possible, however, even...
  4. Cliff McKibbin

    Android Tutorial Conversion of B4A to B4XPages

    Introduction The conversion of the first of my B4A Apps to the newer B4XPages structure was not trivial and involved over 20 hours of research, overcoming misunderstandings, and finding answers to many questions. This document is intended to be a reference for anyone that undertakes the task...
  5. M

    iOS Question Get an UIview height (or convert from Objective C)

    Hi, i made a post before about the centering of a switch. i noticed that the switch is positioned in the top left corner of his hitbox. I need to center it. So the only way, i think, is to make the hitbox height (and width) equal to the effective height (and width) of the ios switch. There is...
  6. Scotter

    UPDATE: POSITION FILLED: Need conversion of simple B4a app to B4i

    Hi - I have too many projects going at once and need help with creating an iOS version of a very simple B4a app I built last year. This is what the Android app looks like: I'll supply you with all the code from the B4a...