crash report

  1. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Google Play reports crashes but the app works fine for me and others

    Greetings, Google Play is reporting that my radio streaming app is crashing with the same error across multiple devices including the same phone brand that I'm using. What has me confused is it doesn't crash on my phone and I had the app running during the day and also over night. Seems like it...
  2. mcqueccu

    iOS Question [SOLVED] Help Understanding Crash Report

    My app recently got rejected. According to Apple, the app crashes at Launch - it was tested on iOS 12.2. The app works fine on my testing devices (iPhone 5s - iOS 12.1.4 and iPad Air 2 - iOS 9.2) I don't really understand the crash report sent to me in order to trace where the bug is.
  3. Sandman

    Wish Ability to send crash reports to Crashlytics (for instance)

    Background There exist a number of services around the web that gather information about iOS app crashes, so we as developers can more easily fix bugs. Here's a short list of such services: Crashlytics HockeyApp Instabug I'm sure there are more, if one searches the interwebs. At the moment...
  4. Sandman

    iOS Question [SOLVED] How to get crash reports using external service?

    There seems to be a number of solutions for getting crash reports from iOS devices, such as Crashlytics, HockeyApp and Instabug, and probably more. As far as I can tell none of these are possible to use in B4i. Is this correct, or have I misunderstood something? I mean, if Crashlytics & co can...