Wish Ability to send crash reports to Crashlytics (for instance)


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There exist a number of services around the web that gather information about iOS app crashes, so we as developers can more easily fix bugs. Here's a short list of such services:
I'm sure there are more, if one searches the interwebs.

At the moment none of these are possible to use in B4i (ref).


We produce iOS apps using B4i, and as we're not perfect coders in a perfect world, our apps do crash from time to time. The crash reports are very difficult to get hold of (not only because only some users decide to share them), which means that lots of bugs never get corrected.

I personally strive for getting all my apps to a point where they are bug free. Not getting the crash reports makes this very difficult.


I propose that Anywhere Software should add support for sending crash reports to external services from B4i.

Considering that there are many different crash report services, I imagine the best (from our, the B4i user perspective) solution would be for AS to expose whatever needs to be exposed from within the B4i internals, and then let the community create Libraries for the different services. (That said I have absolutely no insight into the complexity of this, so I don't know if it's even reasonable.)

(I am fully aware of the possibility to use Xcode and download crash reports from there. This Wish is not about that solution, so no need to discuss it in this thread.)


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expose whatever needs to be exposed from within the B4i internals
There is nothing, which needs to be exposed. The implementations are quite simple and the setup just requires a few lines of code.

The big plus of these services (in my opinion) is the symbolication of the crash reports, which normally require a local mac.
Here you can find a library for the (free) Hockey service: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/ihockeycrash-crash-reports.96447/