1. Sandman

    Android Question Can a socket be connected and closed at the same time?

    I whipped up some code to help out with a little logging, but surprisingly often it crashes with Socket Closed in the line commented with CRASH HERE. I've wrapped everything carefully to make sure the socket should be in good shape, but even though it apparently is...
  2. Multiverse app

    Android Question App crashes- Notificationlistener [Solved]

    As mentioned here: in newer B4A versions, when the app is reopened after a long time, the Starter service fails to start. After the app launch, it takes 5-10 seconds to start the Starter...
  3. A

    Android Question app crashed (using class-contactsutils provides read write access to the stored contacts)

    Hi Erel, I tried to use the library you uploaded: this is my code(activity_create): If FirstTime Then Activity.LoadLayout("MAIN") cu.Initialize End If...
  4. Multiverse app

    Android Question App crashes: Android 8.0 Background execution limits

    One of my apps recently started crashing randomly, with no information in logs whatsoever. I have been debugging for 5 days now, and have no idea what is causing the issue. I have tried to debug every module, change targetSdkVersion, and recompile many times. As the project is very big, I am not...
  5. rleiman

    Android Question MaterialRangeBar crashes my app

    Hi Everyone, Can you look at the enclosed tiny app and let me know why it crashes after a rangebar is added? I originally added the rangebar on my existing app and it crashed as soon as the activity was loaded so I made this tiny app with just a panel and the rangebar. I can't figure out why...
  6. X

    Bug? b4a 7.80 crash

    I just bought b4a 7.80 beta. But after installation, open b4a.exe and . English is not good. Please forgive me. Thank you very much! an error has occurred during thne registration process: error message : license file is missing My computer information is win7 SP1. The 7.30 version can be...