1. R

    Android Question CSBuilder and VerticalAlign

    I want to show a CSBuilder text in the label where that text has 2 FontAwesome characters in it. These 2 FontAwesome characters show up a bit too high, so I am trying to correct that with VerticalAlign spans. With trial and error I have it kind of working with this code...
  2. M

    iOS Question Use pattern with CSBuilder

    Hi, In b4a, I use this code with pattern to change part of text. Dim reg501 As RichString reg501.Initialize("{o}"&s1&"{o}"&s2) reg501.Color2(Colors.DarkGray,"{o}") Now, How to change this code to CSBuilder to use in b4i?
  3. D

    Android Question b4xpages label view best practise

    Hi, Guys I was just wondering if the the label view is the best way to display text on a page for x-platform (i.e. Android - iOS) application. The reason why I am asking, I always use Label views for text and cast it to B4Xview of in both B4A and B4i applications and has worked well in the...
  4. mik21

    Android Question Cross platform views and dialogs

    Hi all, it is possible in B4XSearchTemplate use CSBuilder in list or use custom layout instead of default layout ?
  5. Serge Bertet

    French Question triviale CS Builder

    Salut les français ! J'ose pas poser ma question au raz de pâquerettes dans le forum international, je viens donc vous embêter ici .... J'ai fait ça dans B4XMainPage : ' Build activity title Sub AppTitle As CSBuilder Dim cs As CSBuilder...
  6. toby

    Android Question To show formatted text in B4Xtable text columns

    I want to have a Text column filled with formatted text created on the fly, not from database. I thought I could simply assign a CSBuilder value to the cell to show some formatted text since the cell layout consists of a single label within a panel. But so far I haven't been able to make it...
  7. M

    iOS Question AttributedText and CSBuilder not working

    Hi guys.. i'm trying to write a text in a Label with an icon at the beginning.. i can't do it, csbuilder act weird, i think i'm doing the correct way.. This code Dim cs As CSBuilder cs.Initialize.Font(Font.CreateMaterialIcons(20)).Append(Chr(0xE855)).Pop...
  8. Angel Garcia

    iOS Question Blurry images on CSBuilder

    Hi All, Maybe this is a silly question, i'm getting blurry/distorted images when appending images to CSBuilder. I use the resize function on initialize bitmap to adjust images before adding them to the builder. I'm using the code on this post to perform the append image...
  9. Angel Garcia

    iOS Question CSBuilder getting '<b4icsbuilder ' when appending images

    Hello Everyone, Maybe this is a silly question, I'm new in B4i and i'm translating a long project from B4A to B4i, I'm debuging on an iPhone and i'm getting weird codes when trying to append a single image to a csBuilder and showing it in a label object I'm using this post information...
  10. A

    iOS Question [Solved] CSBuilder - MaterialIcon - doesn'twork on b4xview button/Label

    Hi All, I am sorry if this is basic question as I am trying to grasp the transition from B4A to B4I, I am trying to assign MaterialIcon or fontawesome + text using CSBuilder. Based on this link it should work with AttributedString, but can not find this when I am using b4xview (by button/label...
  11. M

    iOS Question Text and Material Icons in b4xview Buttons

    Hi everyone, my question is: It's possibile to put a combination of Matrial Icons and Text in a button declared as B4xview? I'm used to CSBuilder, but b4xview does not have the .AttributedText parameter :( Thanks in advance
  12. Lucas Eduardo

    iOS Question Change link color - CSBuilder

    Hello, it's possible to change the link color from CS Builder? If yes, how could i do it? Thanks.
  13. Lucas Eduardo

    iOS Question Csbuilder with leading margin

    Hello, In B4A there is this code to make margins in csbuilder https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/csbuilder-with-leading-margin.90428/#content Is there a way to do this in B4I? Thank you.
  14. S

    B4A Class CSBuilder, store in JSON format

    Hello, This class can parse JSON to generate CSBuilder. Create a json string, save it in a file, add it to assets folder, and display it with this class. All the CSBuilder capabilities are supported. Comments in clsCSBuilderParser.bas and samples files explains the JSON structure. spsp
  15. nwhitfield

    iOS Question Markdown to attributed strings

    Does anyone have a good solution for this? Ideally one that will work for both B4i and B4A. There are plenty of libraries around in both Swift and Objective C, but not so much for Java. I've tried playing around a bit with the Markdown-to-HTML code here...
  16. Ivan Aldaz

    Android Code Snippet Store CSBuilder formatted text in plain .txt file

    Hi all. In my app I want to provide instructions and info about the app (credits, licenses, etc.) in several languages, and would like to show the text with some formatting (colored, bold, underlined, textsize, ...). With a plain text file, formatting is not possible, so I searched for the best...
  17. Dave O

    Android Question CharSequence vs. CSBuilder in parameters?

    If we want to include support for CharSequence in our classes and libraries, should we be changing external-facing String parameters (and any related internal ones) to CSBuilder? (If I understand correctly, we can't reference CharSequence directly.)
  18. R

    Android Question Problem serializing CSBuilder with PCSBuilderPlus class

    Using the PCSBuilderPlus class, as posted here: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/save-load-text-formatted.92263/#post-583864 Nearly got this working but get this error when trying to retrieve the byte array with ToBytes (made Public): java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot serialize...
  19. R

    Android Question Crash on clicking selected CSBuilder text in EditText

    Have a simple EditText that has a CSBuilder text in it (for SQL syntax highlighting). When I select a length of text (with the normal standard long click) and then do a click within that text I get a crash with this error message: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: getChars (-1 ... 527)...
  20. K

    Android Question CSBuilder ClickableWord Error

    In my, I'm using CustomListview and labels. on one label I clickable work like this : Dim cs As CSBuilder cs.Initialize.Append(CreateClickableWord("9225146803")) Label1.Text = cs cs.EnableClickEvents(Label1) Word click : Sub Word_Click (Tag As Object) Log("aaaaaa" & Tag)...