1. I

    Android Question Edit Text cursor

    Hi All, I found the post below while looking for a solution to make the edit text cursor visible on newer android devices : Make Edittext cursor more visible[Solved] Does this mean, we need to edit the manifest file to include every EditText control on every data entry form? Is there a...
  2. peacemaker

    B4J Library [Class] ResultCursor: cursor-like SQLite database object for compatibility with Android Cursor

    IMHO, cross-platform ResultSet class has disadvantages comparing to Android's cursor: access to any row, iterating the set many times (questions: one, two). And if there is a need to clone Android project with many Cursors objects to B4J ResultSet - i guess, such new class may help to simplify...
  3. M

    Android Question Cursor size too big

    Hello! I'm getting this error when I do a SQL Select from a pretty big table in sqlite I can use without a problem the row 0 and row 1 but when c.position=2 it crashs Is there a way to know the whole cursor size? Thank you!
  4. M

    Android Question Change EditText Cursor Color

    Hi everyone, i already looked for something in the forum but i did not find nothing working. Someone of you knows how can i change the cursor color of an edittext? more precisely, i want to make it invisible. (note: i use appcompat, i don't know if this information can be useful) Thanks in...
  5. magicmars

    Android Question Event "onSelectionChanged" when cursor change in editext

    Hi, I need to do something when the user change the cursor position in an editText. There is natively no event to handle the cursor changing position in an Edit text (it just handle the text and focus changing). As i can see , it's possible to create such a listener in java with class override...
  6. Chris160179

    B4R Question ESP8266 connect to mySQL and copy to global variable

    Hello everybody, i need a little bit help. I know it is not the best idea to connect a ESP/Arduino to a SQL Database but i need this to reduce the complexity of my project. There are better and faster Solutions like this...
  7. Rob Bliss

    Android Question Cursor as Parameter

    When passing a cursor as a parameter, when is the correct time(s) to close the cursor? Sub main Dim v_Cursor as Cursor = SQL.ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM TABLE") func(v_Cursor) v_Cursor.Close '? End Sub Sub func(p_Cursor as Cursor) p_Cursor.getString("column") p_Cursor.Close...
  8. wizard699

    Bug? Cursor in strange position on Paste

    Good evening Erel. I wanted to report an annoying bug, stupid. When you paste content into the code (CTRL+V), it is expected that the cursor is at the end of the pasted code ... instead, often and willingly, the cursor is positioned in the middle ... or on the first line. Did they ever mention...
  9. Alexander Stolte

    Bug? cursor1.GetBlob("pic").length is missing

    Hello, for example: log(cursor1.GetBlob("pic").length) the ".length" is not displayed in the preview and if I want to print this through the log, then this error comes: Error occurred on line: 2344 (Main2) java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'boolean...
  10. K

    Android Question sqlite and spinner

    Can I add all record of cursor to spinner without using spinner.add(cursor.getstring("accode"))
  11. Mikel Huerta

    Spanish Problema con Cursores que estan enlazados

    Amigos del foro , por favor una ayuda con esto que de plano o es el sueño o el cansancio o soy muy tonto. Tengo tres variables Cursor : dim C1, C2, C3 as Cursor , abajo en alguna sub tengo : Sub Funcion1 C1=C2 end sub y luego en otra tengo Sub Funcion2 C3=C2 End sub Lo que me pasa es...
  12. DonManfred

    Android Tutorial Dropbox SDK - get informed about changes in the used Dropbox

    Related Libraries: B4A Dropbox SDK V2 B4J Dropbox SDK V2 You need to know/remember the dropboxId of the account you are actually using/requesting. And the latest cursor. Use dbxUsers.CurrentAccount to get the current Account. Sub dbxUsers_getCurrentAccount(account As FullAccount)...