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  1. R

    Android Question NB6 Custom sound and HIHT priority

    Hi, I have a problem with the NB6 notification library. I'd like to make a notification with high priority and a custom sound, goes I see it can't be done. The setCustom function doesn't set the custom sound to false if we are in isChannel = true mode, how can I do to disable the defautl sound...
  2. Azam Memon

    Android Question granturipermission error on internal storage in NB6 customSound

    I have obtained URI of a sound using RingTone Manager for NB6 custom sound, the URI of sound is: content://media/internal/audio/media/30 When I try n.CustomSound("content://media/internal/audio/media/30") I get the following exception. (RuntimeException) java.lang.RuntimeException...