1. M

    B4J Question Problem Encrypting a string using a Public Certificate

    Below is the code I'm trying to use to encrypt string using a Public Cert (see attachment). Private Sub EncryptRSAWithPublicKey1(Text As String,PublicKey As String) As String Dim kpg As KeyPairGenerator Dim Cipher As Cipher Dim su As StringUtils Dim pubkey() As Byte =...
  2. S

    German b4a APK Decompilieren Decrypt Quelltext Sichtbar machen

    Moin, gibt es eine möglichkeit seine mit B4a erstellten APK's zu schützten? Ich denke mal das muss von B4a aus kommen beim Compilieren? So kenne ich das von anderen Programmiersprachen. Oder sind alle APK von Basic in Java decompilierbar? Gruß Sascha
  3. M

    iOS Question [SOLVED] [B4X] Decode AES encoded STRING

    Hi everyone, I need to crypt a string with a tool (not the app) and then be able to decode it back from the app. example tool: 1. Crypt a text with the above tool 2. Copy the output string (e.g. Kj7ytYpr5Z/g93JaBEUo9Q==) 3. Use that string in the...
  4. toby

    Android Question Problems wtih RSA encrypt/decrypt between B4A and PHP

    I want to be able to encrypt some data in B4A and decrypt it with PHP on the server and vice versa. I use this online tool to generate the public and private keys. Both PHP and B4A use same keys and the test data is "this is a test". What I've achieved so far: 1. Encrypt and decrypt...
  5. toby

    Android Question Having trouble implementing mysql AES_Encrypt/Aes_Decrypt compatible functions

    I'm new to encryption, btw, and I want to be able to compare encrypted mysql data on the fly while executing a select query like SELECT * from myTable WHERE encrytedField=selectedEncryptedValue or SELECT * from myTable WHERE aes_decrypt(encrytedField, '123')=selectedValue Therefore I need...
  6. OliverA

    B4A Class [B4A/B4J] LockBox3 (Delphi) AES ECB/CBC encrypting / decrypting

    This class can be used decrypt data created with LockBox3 and encrypt data that will be properly handled by LockBox3. LockBox3 is an encryption/decryption library for Delphi. There are actually three classes, LB3AES, LB3AESECB and LB3AESCBC. The only class that is used to instantiate an object...
  7. pereskjo

    Android Question Encrypt on Android - Decrypt on .Net

    Hi, I need to send a encrypted String from Android Phone to Windows computer. So I need a B4A Encrypt , and C# / Decrypt code. I have tried various DES, 3DES libraries. So if any one of you have got this right, please post the code below.