1. Mashiane

    B4J Library [BANanoSQLUtils] A BANanoSQL helper class for CRUD functionality

    Good day The attached class will help you in creating basic sql statements for CRUD functionality using BANanoSQL. We feature CREATE, UPDATE, UPDATE & DELETE statements, we also have added, creating a table. Whilst this class will work using BANanoSQL callbacks, I have found out that using...
  2. N

    Android Question Files on dirinternal are not deleted after uninstall

    I have a database file located on dirinternal, on b4a 5.02 after uninstall, this file was always deleted but in b4a 8 this file remains in some devices, it is removed only when I clean app data. Is there something that I should do to remove this file on uninstall without change my app folder...
  3. A

    Android Question Problem with Api rest, Json, Put.

    Hello, I have a problem I need to send a json with the put method to an api. The json is: { "person" : { "User" : "Rodrigo", "Pass" : "xx123" }, "answers" : [ { "NmbItem" : "Item 1", "DscItem" : "Descripción del item 1", "QtyItem"...
  4. M

    Android Example Select,Upload,Display,Delete image from Server

    Hello everyone, First of all, I want thank Erel, DonManfred and KMatle because a lot of the codes for them. In this example (Select an image from gallery and display it, Resize the image, Save the image from Imageview to app's folder, Upload the image to the server, Display the image from the...