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  1. delgadol

    Android Question Rollback From 10.7 To 10.7 Beta2

    I have a long code application, with 4 Navigation Drawer based on DesignSupport Lib; When I update B4A to the last version 10.7 (final) my application release crash with some problems with the navegation drawer class; i find a beta 10.7 Beta #2 with core lib 9.2; after that; i was compiled the...
  2. A

    Android Question How To Fix DSTablayout And Ahviewpager RTL Problem

    Hi every body Here is my project: Gofile (this is a link) as you can see im trying to make whole project rtl and give it nice type face and i did it. but there is two little problems here 1. as you see tab indicator is not showing 2. this is a little bigger problem: im loading panels in page...