Android Question How To Fix DSTablayout And Ahviewpager RTL Problem

Hi every body
Here is my project: Gofile (this is a link)

as you can see im trying to make whole project rtl and give it nice type face and i did it.
but there is two little problems here
1. as you see tab indicator is not showing
2. this is a little bigger problem:
im loading panels in page AHPageContainer for ALARAM tab : Red colored and for Fav tab blue one.
everything is fine but view pager is not turned rtl!
this is a gif that explains every thing: Gofile (this is a link)

how to solve this issue ?
Hi guys i solved the problem by making my tablayout to be LTR and its now very fine
and also used javaobject to run a method for setSelectedTabIndicatorColor to fix indicator color just in case you have my problem
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