1. Phayao

    Android Question ColorsList class - strange effect

    Hello, I was about to implement the colorslist example in my application. Sub Globals 'These global variables will be redeclared each time the activity is created. 'These variables can only be accessed from this module. Dim xui As XUI Private pnlCols As Panel End Sub Sub...
  2. jroriz

    B4J Question [SOLVED] String DesignerProperty with no default value

    I'm trying to deal with a custom field, which has a string property with no default value. #DesignerProperty: Key: Campo, DisplayName: Campo, FieldType: String, DefaultValue: In the DesignerCreateView sub I need to know if this property has been filled. Log(Props.Get("Campo") <> "")...
  3. Guenter Becker

    Android Question Custom/Native View Designer Properties

    Hello, hope you are fine. Today I have a question about developing a Custom View. For example if I like to make a custom view on base on an EditTextbox to enhance the native views features I know how to do that with the custom view xui class. But if I go to use the custom view in the designer...
  4. W

    German B4J: customview >> code on the fly

    Hallo, ich verfolge B4X schon seit Jahren. Hatte nur nicht die Zeit mich hier mal einzuarbeiten. Habe nun beim Start von Corona damit begonnen. Hänge aber seitdem eigentlich fest. Ich würde gerne on the fly code für ein customview erzeugen. Habe X-Beispiele gelesen und probiert. Viele Beispiele...