B4J Question [SOLVED] String DesignerProperty with no default value


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I'm trying to deal with a custom field, which has a string property with no default value.

#DesignerProperty: Key: Campo, DisplayName: Campo, FieldType: String, DefaultValue:

In the DesignerCreateView sub I need to know if this property has been filled.

Log(Props.Get("Campo") <> "") results in runtime error.

I found a way, but I found it a bit weird ...

Public Sub DesignerCreateView (Base As Pane, Lbl As Label, Props As Map)
    'If Log(Props.Get("Campo") <> "") Then    ' runtime error

    If (Props.Get("Campo") = Null) = False Then    ' That's the way i found...
    End If

End Sub

Would anyone have a better suggestion?


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Props is a Map so you can use the GetDefault method. This is not related to the Default value of the property.

If Props.GetDefault("Campo","") <> "" Then

End If
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