1. A

    Android Question Close voice recognition when there is no match

    Hello, I tried to make the voice recognition to close when there is no match by intent.https://developer.android.com/reference/android/speech/RecognizerIntent.html#RESULT_NO_MATCH Dim i As Intent VR.Initialize("vr") i.Initialize("android.speech.action.RECOGNIZE_SPEECH", "")...
  2. Alexander Stolte

    B4A Class [B4X] [XUI] AS MsgBox/Dialog

    First, i spend a lot of time in creating views, some views i need by my self, but some views not and to create a high quality view cost a lot of time. If you want to support me, then you can do it here by Paypal. :) Hello, I needed a cross platform msgbox and dialog, that I can modify to 100%...
  3. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] Removing "Don't ask again" option from access dialogue box

    Hi Everyone, I'm using this line to make sure the user has permission to get the devices location when the user first installs the app. Starter.rp.CheckAndRequest(Starter.rp.PERMISSION_ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION) It calls a dialogue box asking for access to the devices location. If the...
  4. K

    Android Question anotherdatepicker in customlayoutdialog

    Hii, Another datepicker in Dialog. I'm trying to add anotherdatepicker in CustomLayoutDialog. Its shows Log Error occurred on line: 150 (AnotherDatePicker) java.lang.RuntimeException: Object should first be initialized (B4XView). at...