1. amorosik

    Italian File.DirInternal e company - ma 'ndo stanno ?

    Sto leggendo con interesse questo post ma non riesco a trovare una corrispondenza tra le varie directory logiche usate nel codice (File.DirAssets, File.DirInternal ...) ed una locazione fisica nella memoria Android quando la navigo...

    Android Question Compare DirAssets and DirInternal db

    Hello, when i compare that 2 files : That is Because i regulary update the tables inside "strings.db" file from the "DB Brower SqlLite" tools 'LocalStrings *************************************************************** Dim FileName As String = "strings.db" Dim TargetDir As...
  3. C

    B4J Question Accessing photo data and moving files

    I have created this program in Perl, so I know what needs to happen ... but as it's "fairly" simplistic, wondered if B4J could do it, rather than me having to send users a USB stick loaded with 16MB of PERL (most of which would be unused libraries and modules) Basically, it loads a set of...
  4. LucaMs

    Android Code Snippet ListFilesOnly - without directories

    SubName: ListFilesOnly Description: it is similar to File.ListFiles(Dir As String) but returns only file names, excluding directories. Public Sub ListFilesOnly(Dir As String) As List Dim lstDir, lstRes As List lstRes.Initialize If File.Exists(Dir, "") Then lstDir =...