Android Question Compare DirAssets and DirInternal db

    Hello, when i compare that 2 files : That is Because i regulary update the tables inside "strings.db" file from the "DB Brower SqlLite" tools 'LocalStrings *************************************************************** Dim FileName As String = "strings.db" Dim TargetDir As...
  2. C

    B4J Question Accessing photo data and moving files

    I have created this program in Perl, so I know what needs to happen ... but as it's "fairly" simplistic, wondered if B4J could do it, rather than me having to send users a USB stick loaded with 16MB of PERL (most of which would be unused libraries and modules) Basically, it loads a set of...
  3. LucaMs

    Android Code Snippet ListFilesOnly - without directories

    SubName: ListFilesOnly Description: it is similar to File.ListFiles(Dir As String) but returns only file names, excluding directories. Public Sub ListFilesOnly(Dir As String) As List Dim lstDir, lstRes As List lstRes.Initialize If File.Exists(Dir, "") Then lstDir =...