B4J Question Accessing photo data and moving files

I have created this program in Perl, so I know what needs to happen ... but as it's "fairly" simplistic, wondered if B4J could do it, rather than me having to send users a USB stick loaded with 16MB of PERL (most of which would be unused libraries and modules)

Basically, it loads a set of images from a folder/directory on Windows. It then checks the creation time of photo (I'm using EXIFTOOLS). It then compares photo time with those recorded in another text file. Here is an example time file:

AJK| 10:00
ABG| 10:15
ZXY| 10:30

It finds photos at say 10:01, 10:05,10:10 (less than 10:15) and moves to AJK. The next photo was 10:17, ie above the higher B time. So it makes A 10:15, and sets B to 10:30. It now compares times again, and moves them to ABG folder. (For techies, I have to set loop to length-1 so that it doesn't try to read a time beyond end of file. All I then do is move the remaining photos to the last named folder, ie ZXY in example above)

As you can see,very simple (95 line in PERL) so 16MB installation is a bit overkill Doesn't need GUI - I just start it via a CMD batch file.

What I'm seeking is a "No,not possible" / "Yes, you might need ??? library" etc as a quick scan thro PDF guides left me more than a bit confused !

** I did think about making it into an exe with "packer::pp"... but that still simply bundles all the required PERL modules - albeit less than the full PERL - into the package


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