1. A

    B4J Question How to create cross platform distribution ❓

    Hi community I actually tried to search the site and forum but drowned in tons of results. So let me ask. I'm a newbie in B4J. Excuse me if the answer to my question well-known - just give me a proper direct link and I'll be happy. I installed the latest B4J on my Windows 10 PC. Created a...
  2. Mashiane

    B4J Tutorial [BANano]: Distributing and accessing an existing SQLite Databases - Part 1

    Ola Part 2 UPDATE: BANanoSQLite now available for actual sqlite db CRUD using PHP I've been wondering if I could be able to do this as I want to distribute my app with an already existing SQLite.DB database for READONLY access. No, this is not WebSQL but a pure SQLite database. At first I...