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  1. MAX_SV

    Italian [RISOLTO] FTP download non funziona più ...

    Ciao a tutti, sono un paio d'anni che ho un software che scarica un file txt da un ftp e lo elabora il codice è il seguente Dim nome, nome1 As String nome= txt_gara.Text &"_" & lst_discesa.SelectedItem & ".txt" nome1="/public_html/directory/" & txt_gara.Text &"_" & lst_discesa.SelectedItem &...
  2. T

    iOS Question How do I download a PDF file from Webview?

    I followed this thread And my code is: Sub WebView1_OverrideUrl (Url As String) As Boolean If Url.EndsWith(".pdf") Then Dim j As HttpJob j.Initialize("pdf", Me)...
  3. A

    Android Question File not exist

    Hello, I tried to use OkHttpUtils2 to download a file from a link (trying to download file named "") Dim d As HttpJob d.Initialize("", Me) d.Download(link) Wait For (d) JobDone(d As HttpJob) If d.Success Then If...
  4. Sreepathy T L

    Android Question Upload Progress in notification area even after closing the app

    Hi, I have seen an app (frankly, its readwhere) which downloads the file in background even when the app is not activated. Also once you open the app, it shows the progress of download in the app. If you are initiating a download from the app, it continues showing the download progress in...
  5. V

    iOS Question Download file

    My iOS application requires downloading a sqlite file every time the user login. I do not know which is the best option: - Download the file from a remote server -or- - Use Firebase -or- - ¿are there other options? Thanks for your help.