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My iOS application requires downloading a sqlite file every time the user login.

I do not know which is the best option:

- Download the file from a remote server -or-
- Use Firebase -or-
- ¿are there other options?

Thanks for your help.


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An alternative to consider as well might be to look at Cloud KVS here

Switch from using a sqlite db to using lists perhaps with Cloud KVS, or even store the sqlite db in the Cloud KVS - this way the file will not download if it has not changed when your user has logged in.

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Grant Fullen

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Are multiple people downloading and working on the same sqlite file and re-uploading it back? What's the purpose of the sqlite file? How many people do you envision working with this app? What kind of data is going through the cloud? These are just a few questions to help you answer your own question.