download large file

  1. Sergio Haurat

    Android Code Snippet Check Internet connection + Know connection type (WiFi/Cell)

    SOLUTION HERE Please do not use the following code in your projects. Below I share a function that returns if the Internet connection exists and what type of connection is...
  2. M

    Android Question Downlod file from server and save it

    I have a large file to download. To do this i use LargeFileDownload( example. How can i save file?
  3. R

    iOS Question download a html and save it to a string

    Now I'm writing code for IOS as follows: private NameToCode as string dim job1 as HttpJob searchnamestrURL="" job1.Initialize("job1",Me) job1.Download(searchnamestrURL) If job.Success=True Then Select job.JobName Case "job1"...