1. Guenter Becker

    B4A Library CustomView RichTextEditor

    OUTDATED! New Version to, have look here: RTFeditor Version 2021 | B4X Programming Forum Hello to all forum Members, I hope all of you are well. Looking through the forum I find the library SMMRichEditor. Playing around with it I started a new project to use this lib to build a custom view...
  2. P

    German lange Codezeile im Editor umbrechen

    Hallo, irgendwie stehe ich auf dem Schlauch und finde nicht mehr wie ich lange Codezeilen im Editor leserlicher machen kann
  3. Bruce Axtens

    Share My Creation BOKE - Bruce's Own Klong Editor

    Can be found on github. Uses the same menu setup engine as BOLE. Klong "is an array language, like K, but without the ambiguity. If you know K or APL, you may be disappointed by Klong. If you don't know any array languages, it might explode your brain. Use at your own risk!"
  4. Bruce Axtens

    Android Question BOLE - Scriptable editor

    Have just posted BOLE which is a javascript-scriptable programming tool for a language called mLite which I used to fiddle with in 2014. It depends on JRLIni which I can't find here anymore. What's the replacement now for INI files? I may have posted BOLE here before. This is the same code
  5. Marco Nissen

    Wish New Wrapper: DS Photo Editor SDK

    I found this great photo editor, it is free to integrate : https://www.dsphotoeditor.com/ standard license also for commercial apps is free (if the logo is displayed) white label customization available for a fee Any volunteer to create a b4a wrapper? Would be really nice ! I used to open...
  6. D

    Wish B4J Menu (json) Editor

    First, thanks Erel for the amazing and very productive coding environments, and thanks too to everyone whose posts I have read to work out how to do lots of things. I feel I'm still only scratching the surface. My Wish: Erel, please can you consider making the sizing and position of the menu...