1. Bruce Axtens

    Share My Creation BOKE - Bruce's Own Klong Editor

    Can be found on github. Uses the same menu setup engine as BOLE. Klong "is an array language, like K, but without the ambiguity. If you know K or APL, you may be disappointed by Klong. If you don't know any array languages, it might explode your brain. Use at your own risk!"
  2. Bruce Axtens

    Android Question BOLE - Scriptable editor

    Have just posted BOLE which is a javascript-scriptable programming tool for a language called mLite which I used to fiddle with in 2014. It depends on JRLIni which I can't find here anymore. What's the replacement now for INI files? I may have posted BOLE here before. This is the same code
  3. Marco Nissen

    Wish New Wrapper: DS Photo Editor SDK

    I found this great photo editor, it is free to integrate : https://www.dsphotoeditor.com/ standard license also for commercial apps is free (if the logo is displayed) white label customization available for a fee Any volunteer to create a b4a wrapper? Would be really nice ! I used to open...
  4. D

    Wish B4J Menu (json) Editor

    First, thanks Erel for the amazing and very productive coding environments, and thanks too to everyone whose posts I have read to work out how to do lots of things. I feel I'm still only scratching the surface. My Wish: Erel, please can you consider making the sizing and position of the menu...