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Bruce Axtens

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Have just posted BOLE which is a javascript-scriptable programming tool for a language called mLite which I used to fiddle with in 2014. It depends on JRLIni which I can't find here anymore. What's the replacement now for INI files?

I may have posted BOLE here before. This is the same code


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Moved to the questions forum.

I think that the library author removed it at some point.


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You thread about bole is already available. Why not add it to your thread there?

You did posted your question not in the bole thread but in a new thread in the wrong forum i guess...

When @Erel write something like

Moved to the questions forum.
then, usually, the thread was posted to the wrong forum and Erel moved the hole thread.

So i expect you posted your question from #1 in the share your creations forum or any other forum other than the questionsforum...
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