1. rleiman

    Android Question Net Library - Using SMTP to send an email message.

    Greetings, I'm experimenting with the Net library in an attempt to send an email message using SMTP with gmail as the email server. The message is not being sent. My logs show a "False" coming from the "Success" event. No errors are reported from the Try / Catch statement in the coding...
  2. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] Automatically sending an email from B4A

    Greetings, I have been calling the phone's email like this. Dim msg As Email msg.Subject = "Song Requests" msg.Body = EditTextRequestedSongs.Text msg.To.Add("") StartActivity(msg.GetIntent) Is there a way in B4A to send the email from the app without actually...
  3. cklester

    B4J Question [RESOLVED] Sending Email via SMTP--Where are the docs?

    Where are the docs for sending email with SMTP using the jNet library? It looks like there's some instruction in the jNet.xml file, but it seems I'm supposed to be able to conveniently read that somewhere other than Notepad.
  4. james_sgp

    Android Question Email verification link getting corrupted

    Hi, I`m doing a user registration in an SQL database through PHP. It works perfectly, but I`m sending a verification link with B4A and the url is getting corrupted for some reason...
  5. Gustsp

    Spanish Enviar email a travez de la aplicacion gmail del telefono [SOLUCIONADO]

    Buenas a todos Estoy necesitando, saber como enviar email, desde mi aplicación a travez de la app de gmail (o alguna otra de gestion de email predeterminada que tenga instalada en el movil). Para que al enviar email, si no esta conectado a internet, pueda quedar en bandeja de salida. Si...
  6. Vinians2006

    Android Question Send an email is starting sharing option

    Hello friends, I am using Email object to send an email but when the users clicks on the button it opens the shareing and the user need to select a lot of options. I want to start gmail directly, any solution to that ? See the code: If Not (G.Registrado) Then Private emlMsg As Email...
  7. Dave O

    Android Question sending emails silently/automatically?

    Hi all, I'm designing a "note to self" app that lets you record a voice note and email it as a voice attachment, preferably without invoking the UI for the email app. To send using the user's GMail, there's the GMail REST API...
  8. uniplan

    Android Question Firebase facebook authorization changed? No photo profile and no email

    Hi, normally i use facebook firebase auth login, but from two days i don't receive the email and photo user profile, but only DisplayName and Uid ... I see in the facebook developer that we send our app for verify to preserve those authentication functions: user_friends user_link user_gender...
  9. Richard O'Sullivan

    Android Question Create email when not connected without using intent

    Hi all, I have an app that collects data on a tablet - no phone. It will be used mainly without Wifi access except for short periods when back at base. I would ideally like to transmit the data to a server at that time. I've tried to create emails but they go nowhere when not in Wifi...
  10. DonManfred

    B4A Library Firebase UI Auth - a new Dimension in Authentication

    This is a Wrap for the Firebase UI-bindings found at Github. It offers Authentification using - Google-Account (Tested) - email and password authentification (Tested) - Telephone-Authentification (Tested) - Twitter (Not tested as i do not have a Twitter-Dev Account) - Facebook (Not tested as i...