1. Abdou1283

    Share My Creation English School for toddlers

    An app with music and colorful letters and numbers to help your little one learn the alphabet and numbers in English please try it and report any shortcomings or errors and suggestions for improvement. Download Link: https://chou.page.link/7ZNr
  2. LordZenzo

    Share My Creation GiLoWordUtils

  3. LordZenzo


    Library [B4A, B4J} (plus 5 dictionaries provided, 5 languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese) which allows you to get words from a dictionary in various different ways (very useful for word games but not only): GetRandomWord WordExists FindAnagrams GetWordsFromLetters...
  4. ADeveloper

    Android Tutorial ADeveloper - B4A tutorials

    follow us in social networks please šŸ™ : I started a channel in youtube for B4A. Erel made some other tutorials which you can find here. I am trying to make tutorials with more simple language every one or two days. How to install B4A Download and Image from Internet WebP in...