1. Joey Garcia

    Android Question How to Format column value in Flexgrid

    For Row = 0 To Quiry_ProfitDeficit.RowCount - 1 Quiry_ProfitDeficit.Position = Row FlexGridProfitDeficit.AddRow(Array As Object(RowCounts - Row,Quiry_ProfitDeficit.GetString("TRANS DATE/TIME"), _ Quiry_ProfitDeficit.GetDouble("KILOS (D)"), _...
  2. vvg

    B4J Question B4j web development

    Hi.... I am a long term user of b4a... So far your b4x support is really really great... Couple of years ago i tried to build a web application in b4j but gave up it soon as that time i was a vb6 only programmer and did not know about web technology. So i could not understand the basics. But...
  3. tariqyounis

    iOS Question iOS 16

    Hello Erel; I would like to know if there will be any update soon for the iOS 16. I have installed iOS 16 beta and B4i stopped working as it support up to iOS 15. Or you would advice me to go back to iOS 15.
  4. mohammadjavad_majidi

    Android Question B4A 11.50 Error with input file: @d8_arguments.txt

    Hi, I installed the new version today but I get this error and I can not find a solution for it Please help me :)
  5. C

    Android Question java.io.FileNotFoundException: /storage/emulated/0/file.xlsx: open failed: EPERM (Operation not permitted)

    - Hii... - i made a excel file using php and after making it i added code to download it. i get error at following line. Dim out As OutputStream = File.OpenOutput(File.DirRootExternal, FileName, False) - and the error is like this java.io.FileNotFoundException: /storage/emulated/0/file.xlsx...
  6. C

    B4J Question 2 errors - database connection closed and [SQLITE_MISUSE] Library used incorrectly (out of memory)

    Hii there folks! - I created a project for learning b4xpages working. In b4a it is crashing sometimes but not giving any error message in logs and crashes happens only 10% times. But 90% times it is working perfectly in b4a. - But in b4j it is crashing all the times and giving following...
  7. ahmadkhazali

    Android Question View the latest frame of the video exo player

    hi i need to play lastest fram video stream in exo player for desktop screen sharing I do not want old frames to be displayed
  8. ahmadkhazali

    Android Question problem load bitmap with byte() tcp

    hi i send image with c# server to b4a tcp client and after get error load bitmap error. this code very good work for udp just error in tcp from b4a i think problem for tcp b4a img = Image.FromFile(@"C:\Users\at\Pictures\download.jpeg"); ms = new MemoryStream()...
  9. ahmadkhazali

    Android Question Orientations Landscape

    hello i need move panel with phone sensor Orientations and need x , y to convert position set to panel position I have seen this post before, please do not suggest https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/orientation-and-accelerometer.6647/ and....
  10. ahmadkhazali

    Android Question permission if deny by user

    hi i need if user click deny permission app loop ask permission but this code only from with first requset worked and after user click deny no work and just log >> sending message to waiting queue (activity_permissionresult) If p.Check(p.PERMISSION_READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) And...
  11. ahmadkhazali

    Android Question disable volume control UI

    hi i need if press button up or down volume don't show volume control UI i used lib phone and no worked
  12. ahmadkhazali

    Android Question show video stream live in panel

    hi i need show my video live from tcp c# to my app android panel and tested (videoview,exoplayer..) and no work from this link( but i test from km player or mx player or web browser good worked this live stream video.
  13. ahmadkhazali

    Android Question can get video with udp?

    hi i need get and show video or image with udp and show to my b4a app server c# client b4a
  14. M

    Android Question Framework or library for this type of sequence- Long press and move your element to first

    Hi All, I am working on a project and wanted to implement a scenario where we need to implement a solution like below. we are having multiple bubbles numbered from 1 to 12 and we want a solution like whenever we long press on any bubble with a numbers lets say like 4 . it should make a hold on...
  15. M

    Android Question Cannot able to create standalone package for jrdc2 getting error

    Hi All , I need your help in getting this error solved. please have a look at the screenshot.