1. ehsan gilassi

    Android Question Select SIM card slot to send SMS

    Hi. Is it possible to select the SIM card slot when sending the SMS in dual SIM card phone? According to this post The output (Log(info.RunMethod("getSubscriptionId", Null))) is: 2. 1. I use "PhoneSms"...
  2. ehsan gilassi

    B4R Question Lora library Inline C

    Hi. I used LoRa library inline C. . I used reading method stream from But I do not get any data. Sub Process_Globals Public Serial1 As Serial Dim...
  3. ehsan gilassi

    B4R Question TFT Screen font

    Hi . I'm using esp32 (WROVER) and 2.8 inch TFT ili9341 . I used this code for set font . #if C #include "FreeSans12pt7b.h" void SetFont(B4R::Object* o) { b4r_main::_ssd->GFX->gfx->setFont(&FreeSans12pt7b); } #End If I got this error "b4r_main.cpp:24:20: error: 'class B4R::B4RAdafruitGFX' has...
  4. ahmadkhazali

    Android Question View the latest frame of the video exo player

    hi i need to play lastest fram video stream in exo player for desktop screen sharing I do not want old frames to be displayed
  5. ahmadkhazali

    Android Question mjpeg decoder It works well b4j but in b4a android very bad and refresh rate very slow What can be done to be as fast as b4j ?
  6. ahmadkhazali

    Android Question problem load bitmap with byte() tcp

    hi i send image with c# server to b4a tcp client and after get error load bitmap error. this code very good work for udp just error in tcp from b4a i think problem for tcp b4a img = Image.FromFile(@"C:\Users\at\Pictures\download.jpeg"); ms = new MemoryStream()...
  7. ahmadkhazali

    Android Question Orientations Landscape

    hello i need move panel with phone sensor Orientations and need x , y to convert position set to panel position I have seen this post before, please do not suggest and....
  8. ahmadkhazali

    Android Question permission if deny by user

    hi i need if user click deny permission app loop ask permission but this code only from with first requset worked and after user click deny no work and just log >> sending message to waiting queue (activity_permissionresult) If p.Check(p.PERMISSION_READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) And...
  9. ahmadkhazali

    Android Question show video stream live in panel

    hi i need show my video live from tcp c# to my app android panel and tested (videoview,exoplayer..) and no work from this link( but i test from km player or mx player or web browser good worked this live stream video.
  10. CVR

    Android Question por que no están disponibles para linux las plataformas b4x? || Why are the b4x platforms not available for linux?

    Quiero cambiarme completamente a linux, quiero olvidarme de windows. Mi unico problema es la aplicación b4a (tengo muhcos proyectos funcionales desarrollados con el IDE) y la verdad me encanta mucho. ¿hay algún proyecto para desarrollar el IDE para linux? I want to completely switch to linux...
  11. shuaibiudshuaibu

    Android Question send sms to an incoming sms adrress(numb)

    Hello there guys, im kinda newbie to b4x language, is there any wayThis code in such a way that my program would send sms to an incoming number (sending sms).
  12. sfsameer

    Erel :)

    Who is @Erel is erel a man? an angel? development god? who knows... all we know that this would have never happened to all of us without him. Always caring, helping, answering, and as the song in friends he is always there for us. So Because B4X is life changing platform, Erel always gives us...
  13. M

    Android Question How to create a custom layout notification?

    hi how a creat this? I could not make this with nb6 or Notifications Builder please help me
  14. StephenRM

    Android Question Text on Image

    Dear All Greetings I had come across the code of Douglas Farias, text on image. I liked this code. Just updated it, added a Label to move over the image to get the location to draw the text, using canvas.... Used Rect... I have also found emexes code Post#2 helpful. I have also used the...
  15. Ale_resource

    Android Question Firebase Notification

    Hi , i followed the tutorial at , but when compile the app i have this error : the manifest is : 'This code will be applied to the manifest file during compilation. 'You do not need...
  16. StephenRM

    Android Question B4XDrawer and CLV Expandable...

    Hello, I have combined B4XDrawer and CLV Expandable code. I hv replaced the two buttons with only one webview in Expandable example. This item.bal, is loaded in left drawer of B4XDrawer. Two items are loaded in B4XDrawer CLV. Now, problem is, the matter that needs to be in first item of...
  17. StephenRM

    Android Question WebView and WebViewExtras

    Hello warwound I have a webview and have added chromeClient it does work in debug mode. Sub wv_Script_Click Dim Javascript As String Javascript="B4A.CallSub('ProcessHTML', true, setRef())" Log("value: " & Javascript) WVE.executeJavascript(wv_Script, Javascript) End Sub...
  18. S

    Android Question ask to Create Corona Tracking App

    Hi everyone, as we know COVID-19 spreading extremely fast for the entire country on our earth now. honestly, I am a newbie in B4X IDE. I have an idea to create an App that able to track coronavirus base on people who already confirm infected and who contact them. so we able to trace the people...
  19. D

    Android Question pdf intent not working on target sdk version 28

    Following is my code written to open pdf through pdf viewer through intent. Its works fine on Target sdk version 23. If i use target sdk 23 i cannot keep my app on Google play store Sub btn1_Click i.Initialize(i.ACTION_VIEW, "file://" & File.DirRootExternal & "/1.pdf")...

    Android Question file APK - Google Play Console refuses to upload file.

    Two weeks ago there was no problem to upload same APK file to Google Play. But today I can not to upload the APK file to Google Play by Google Play Console. There is error : "Not optimized file APK". APK file compilation by B4A ver.9.5 was OK - no error infos. Please where is the problem ?